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For 118 years and four generations, Ford Piano has been rebuilding, restoring and refinishing the finest pianos in the world, installing new tuning pin blocks, sounding boards, actions and finishes. Though we take just as much pride in rebuilding Mrs. Jones’ piano from around the corner, we have rebuilt pianos for Duke Ellington (two grands, one of which is in the Smithsonian), Stephen Sondheim (two grands), John Lennon, and a host of well known classical and jazz artists, music schools and concert venues.


We sell rebuilt / restored Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin and Knabe grand pianos as well as new Mathushek grand and uprights.

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Major Piano Components

Tuning Pinblock - The "heart" of the piano. It keeps the piano in tune with a life span of about 1/2 to 3/4 of a century, after which time replacement is usually needed. New tuning pinblocks come with new tuning pins, strings, understringing felts, iron frame regilding, sounding board and bridge work, and the all important resetting string downbearing.

Sounding Board -The "speaker" of the piano. It picks up the vibration of the strings (via the bridges), with a life span determined mostly by the fluctuation and level of humidity over the decades. A lot of times the board can be repaired by regluing the sounding board ribs and shimming, but sometimes sounding boards need to be replaced.

Action - The "working mechanism" in the piano. The action transmits a touch of the keys to the hammer hitting the string. Life span depends on the use it has had over the decades. There are many parts and variables, but most times hammers need replacement when rebuilding.

Finish - The "coating" on the furniture part of the piano. The finish preserves and protects the fine veneer covering the case parts. Life span of about 1/2 century. Old varnish tends to "alligator" (crack) and darken. Usually, refinishing is done along with rebuilding with lacquer is the material of choice. If it is a candidate, "French Polishing" can be a less expensive option

At Ford Piano, we don't indiscriminately install all new parts, as sometimes certain original parts are actually better than new. We customize the rebuilding process to achieve the optimal tonal response from each piano.

Ford Piano, located in Westchester County, New York, provides piano restoration and rebuilding across the country. You are welcome to visit our 20,000 square foot factory / showroom for a tour or you may take a virtual tour.