1927 Steinway B

This 1927 vintage Steinway grand piano model B is being completely rebuilt and refinished. We have manufactured a new tuning pin block and sounding board. We have installed all new Steinway parts (whippens, shanks and hammers) and are completely regulating the action. Once complete, this 6’10¾” Steinway will look, feel and sound indistinguishable from new. If you are interested in this piano please contact us.


Completed Piano:

Rebuilt Steinway 'B'

Rebuilt & Refinished Steinway Grand Piano Model 'B'

2 Responses to “1927 Steinway B”

  1. Kristopher De Tar says:

    Is this piano still available? What type keytops are installed? What is your price on this beaut??

    • admin says:

      This piano is still available. The keytops have been replaced with plastic tops. Give us a call for the price 914-739-1224.

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