The Baltimore made Knabe was the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera for half a century, establishing Knabe in the top five American manufacturers (Steinway, Mason and Hamlin, Knabe, Baldwin and Chickering). Singers have traditionally loved Baltimore Knabe grands because their sweet, beautiful tone seems to compliment vocal performances and not overpower them. Ford Piano has rebuilt some 5’8″ models that could easily compare with Steinway and Mason and Hamlin grands at 1/2 the price. A properly rebuilt Baltimore Knabe grand can be a great piano and a great value, comparable in price to a new Japanese grand but surpassing the new Japanese grand in durability, resale value, and deep tonal quality.

A deep, rich tone with a responsive, dynamic action combine to make this rebuilt 5’8″ 1923 Knabe grand a piano that you will love to play. New strings, tuning pins, pin block, bridges, hammers, regulated action and keytops come together to products a warm but aggressive sound that only a finely made, rebuilt American piano […]

This Knabe upright was manufactured in 1911 and is 52″ tall. It has been reconditioned and refinished in mahogany.

This 1930 Knabe grand is undergoing complete rebuilding and refinishing. We have manufactured and installed a new tuning pin block (with new pins & strings). The action has new shanks and hammers and is undergoing complete regulation. The burled walnut case with a carved leg has been refinished.

This 5’4″ Knabe grand piano has an ornate carved case and has been rebuilt & refinished by us. The piano has a new tuning pinblock, finish and various action parts. The action has been completely regulated and the piano feels and sounds like new.

This 6’4″ Knabe grand piano is being completely rebuilt and refinished by Ford Piano.

This 1923 5’8″ Knabe grand is almost finished being rebuilt. We have manufactured and installed a new tuning pinblock and treble bridge, repaired the original sounding board, replaced the hammers, shanks & keytops, and are currently regulating the action. The piano has been refinished in a beautiful mahogany color.  

Rebuilt Knabe grand piano

This piano has been fully rebuilt & refinished (restored) by us in 2009 and has a completely new action: new hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens, original ivories, new tuning pinblock / pins, new treble bridge, new strings, and a beautiful new hand rubbed mahogany finish.

A Baltimore made Knabe grand piano is one of the finest American made pianos. Properly rebuilt, the piano will provide beautiful tone and touch for generations while retaining its resale value over time. We usually have a 5’3″ Knabe grand in the rebuilding process with custom finishes available. For more information please contact us. Rebuilt […]