Mason & Hamlin

During the apex of American piano manufacturing (between two world wars), Mason and Hamlin was the most expensive piano made here and with good reason. A massively strong and reinforced design has produced a clear, warm sound preferred by many pianists, including the current owner of Ford Piano. A nicely rebuilt or new Mason and Hamlin grand piano from Boston, Massachusetts can be an absolutely magnificent instrument. Built rock solid with a well designed action, it is the heaviest piano in the world and certainly one of the best. Although a bit less expensive than a rebuilt Steinway, a rebuilt Mason and Hamlin is right up there in quality, tone, touch, and player satisfaction.

Rebuilt & Refinished Mason & Hamlin grand model ‘A’ from 1926 with an all new piano tuning pin block, hammers and a completely re-regulated action.

This Mason & Hamlin upright was manufactured in 1972 and reconditioned / refinished in 2012. We have twisted the bass strings, filed the hammers, replaced various parts and re-regulated the action for optimal feel and response. Call for more information.

This 1921 Mason & Hamlin ‘BB’ grand piano is in the final stages of the rebuilding process. We have installed a new sounding board, tuning pin block and strings. We replaced the old whippens, shanks and hammers with new ones and the action is being regulated. We also have stripped the piano of the old […]

This 1913 Mason & Hamlin grand piano model “BB” is 7 ft long and is about to be rebuilt. We will be manufacturing and installing a new piano tuning pin block, strings, pins, various action parts and finish. The action will be completely regulated and feel and operate as new.

This 5’8″ Mason & Hamlin grand piano has been reconditioned and is in remarkably well preserved condition. The action is completely regulated, the tuning pins are tight and the finish in very nice shape.

We have a few 5’8″ Mason & Hamlin grand pianos in our factory that are ready to be rebuilt. They can be refinished in mahogany, ebony, walnut and more. Contact us for more information.

This 5’8″ Mason & Hamlin grand piano was manufactured in 1931 in Boston, MA and has recently been rebuilt & refinished. The piano has a new tuning pin block, strings, hammers, and was recently refinished (Pictures do not show front fall & top). The pianos includes delivery, matching bench, 10 year warranty, and one in-home […]