Piano Components

Pianos are made up of thousands of intricate moving parts which work in sync with each other to deliver the tone, touch and feel of the player. To better understand your instrument and our work, we have outlined the major components of the piano.

Every grand and upright piano requires dampers to stop the vibrations of the string after the key is pressed and released. Dampers prevent the vibration of the string from continuing to resonate once the key is released. We have replaced the felt on these Steinway dampers and are preparing to install them back into the piano […]

A piano whippen is the main working mechanism in the piano action that incorporates the jack which is the escapement mechanism allowing the piano player dynamic range. When you press down on the key, the whippen is responsible for transferring upward movement bringing the shank and hammer to the string. The jack is contained in the whippen […]

The piano’s tuning pin block is the ‘heart’ of the piano. Made from pieces of cross laminated 1/4 sawn hard rock maple wood, after time the wood cracks and de-laminates and becomes incapable of holding the tuning pins in place, thus making the piano un-tunable. Here you can see a crack in an old pin […]

The sounding board acts as the “speaker” of the piano. It picks up the vibration of the strings (via the bridges), with a life span determined mostly by the fluctuation and level of humidity over the decades. A lot of times the board can be repaired by re-glueing the sounding board ribs and shimming, but […]

Piano hammers are made from compressed wool stapled to a piece of wood, usually maple but sometimes mahogany or walnut. The hammer, which is glued to the top of the hammer shank, strikes the string to produce a sound. Like any felt component, the hammers wear out after time and playing and require Original hammers […]

The piano action consists of thousands of moving parts which transfers the energy released from the players fingers to the piano. The lifespan of the action depends on the usage over the decades. We have installed new whippens (repetitions) and shanks on this Steinway “upper action” pictured below. The action is prepared for traveling, followed […]