Piano Services

We are a complete piano service offering rebuilding, refinishing, tuning, repair, service, voicing, appraisals, electronic player installation and more.

Rebuilding / Restoration

We are 4th generation piano rebuilders specializing in the installation of new tuning pinblocks, new actions, sounding boards, finish and more. We rebuild Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Baldwin, Yamaha and other high quality pianos.


Your piano will look indistinguishable from new with our piano refinishing service. We remove the old finish & apply a hand rubbed new one. We may also apply a finish over the current finish as a less expensive option. This is called French polishing.

Tuning & Repair

Tuning and servicing your piano regularly will help prolong the life of the instrument as well as help keep the piano in tune and playable. We have a trained crew of outside technicians and tuners that can come to your house or establishment and tune or service your piano.

Piano Voicing

Voicing a piano means regulating the sound of the piano to produce the most beautiful tone possible. 80% of piano voicing consists of either hardening or softening the piano hammer to produce a brighter or more mellow tone. Voicing can sometimes be done in the home as well.

Piano Rentals

We offer grand and upright piano rentals in the New York Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Our grand and upright pianos are available for personal use or private party use such as weddings, recitals, movies, photo shoots and more.

Piano Appraisals

Our skilled piano technicians can examine your piano and appraise it accordingly. Each appraisal is sent to the client on company letterhead.