Baldwin Grand Piano Model “R”

Tone Quality
Hammers: 100% Virgin Wool
Outer Felt: 16 1/2
Inner Felt: 5Hammers Description: Since hammers are the “heart of the
piano”, Baldwin uses hammers from the Renner Company–Best
quality felt. Manufactured to Baldwin’s specifications. Produces
exceptional tone. Final voicing by Baldwin craftsmen.

Strings: SynchroTone IITM

Speaking Length: 48 7/8″

Strings Description: Baldwin’s patented SynchroTone II process
enables the production of bass strings with the longitudinal vibration
mode tuned in the manufacturing process, resulting in bass tones
with greater clarity and sustain.

Soundboard: Solid Eastern White Spruce

Area – Sq. In.: 1,686

Tapered: Yes

Soundboard Description: Baldwin soundboards amplify the string
energy to produce a richer, longer lasting piano tone. They are
meticulously constructed, custom fit and then tapered for improved

Bridge Material: Hard Rock Maple

Bridge Design: 10-Ply Vertically Laminated

Ribs: 11 Quarter-Sawn Spruce

Hitch Pins: Acu-JustTM

Bridge Description: An integral part of the soundboard assembly,
the bridge and ribs distribute the energy from the strings throughout
the soundboard area. Acu-JustTM hitch pins provide precise downbearing
on the bridge for each individual string allowing for improved
tonal resonance.

Touch and Response

Action: Baldwin

Material: Hard Rock Maple

Action Description: Our exclusive Baldwin Action is designed and
crafted to provide highly sensitive response for the most demanding

Keys: Individually Balanced

Keys Material: Spruce

Key Shoes: Beech

Keys Description: Real ebony wood sharps with radiused top, and
chip-proof, stain-resistant materials are individually balanced
and reinforced with maple to provide exceptional durability and
note-to-note consistency.

KeyBed: Laminated Hardwood

KeyBed Plies: 21

KeyBed Description: The keybed provides a solid foundation for
the keyframe and action allowing for precise and stable regulation.

Tuning and Durability

Rim Design: 26 Ply – Inner and Outer Rims

Brace Construction: Glued, Mortised and Dowelled

Plate Cast Iron: Sand Cast

Plate Suspension: Threaded Plate Mounting System

Rim Description: All inner and outer laminations are pressed in
one operation to form a single rim. Combined with Baldwin-designed
rim braces, plate and mounting system, all elements work together
to provide superior performance and long-term stability.

Pinblock Material: Hard Rock Maple

Number of Plies: 11

Tuning Pins: Nickel Plated, Blued Steel

Pinblock Description: The Baldwin 41-ply pinblock is constructed
of cross-grain plies of the finest hard rock maple using a proprietary
process which provides outstanding tuning stability.


While a piano must have extraordinary sound, it must also be beautiful.
With more than 100 years of woodworking and design experience,
Baldwin is uniquely qualified to craft piano cabinets which are
not only durable, but also provide timeless beauty.


Warranty: Parts – Lifetime | Labor – Ten Years

Warranty Description: By combining exceptional designs, the finest
materials available and meticulous craftsmanship, Baldwin is able
to offer a warranty which ensures many years of superior performance
and musical enjoyment.

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