Rebuilt & Refinished 1912 Steinway Grand Piano Model “O”

This piano has just been rebuilt and refinished by us and has a new tuning pin block, tuning pins, strings, hammers and ebony satin finish. We have retained the original sounding board, ivories, and some of the action parts as they were in impeccable condition. The tone is deep and rich and certainly this is an heirloom piano that will continue to appreciate in value as time goes on.


This piano comes with a 10 year warranty, matching bench, delivery anywhere in the continental United States, and 1 in-house tuning. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

This piano is sold.

2 Responses to “Rebuilt & Refinished 1912 Steinway Grand Piano Model “O””

  1. Lee Jordan-Anders says:

    Is the Steinway O still available? If so, would you be willing to sell it for $25,000? I am a college professor–concert pianist–w/a modest budget. Thanks in advance for your reply. lj-a.

    • John says:

      Sorry but that particular piano is no longer available. However, we are currently rebuilding a Steinway “O” and Steinway “M”. Please call for more details.

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