1905 Steinway Grand Model “O”

This 1905 Steinway grand piano model “O” is being completely rebuilt and refinished. We have manufactured and installed a new sounding board & tuning pin block with all new shanks, hammers and keytops. The action will be completely regulated to feel  as if it were  new.

Steinway Grand Piano "O"

Steinway Grand Piano Action

Refinished Steinway

3 Responses to “1905 Steinway Grand Model “O””

  1. Judy Hashemi says:

    Hi, How much of this piano to deliver to San Jose, California?

  2. Caroline Crosby says:

    How much are you asking (or did it sell for)?

  3. Mike Ford says:

    This particular piano is already sold, although we are working on an ebony Steinway “L” right now that will sell for around $28,000.

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