1923 Knabe Grand Piano 5’8″

This 1923 5’8″ Knabe grand is almost finished being rebuilt. We have manufactured and installed a new tuning pinblock and treble bridge, repaired the original sounding board, replaced the hammers, shanks & keytops, and are currently regulating the action. The piano has been refinished in a beautiful mahogany color.


Knabe Grand Piano 5'8"

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  1. follin smith says:

    how much are you asking for this piano? where is it physically (e.g. can i come to see it)?

  2. John says:

    We will be asking somewhere in the $15,000 vicinity for the piano when done. The piano is in our factory in Peekskill, New York, 35 miles north of Manhattan and can be heard after completion.

  3. Carol says:

    What warrenty do you have for this piano?

  4. Dwight Lanning says:

    I have an almost identical piano with an Style “A” Ampico reproducing mechanism, 1929.

    The piano is all original and the player part worked up until 2 years ago when I had to move the piano and packed it into a grand piano cover.

    If I delivered and picked up the piano, how much would you estimate to completely rebuild the piano and recover the main stack in the player mechanism?

    I was last recovered about 35 years ago and I recovered the rest of the pneumatics and replaced all the hoses.

    The pin block holds but I fear is not going to last much longer.

    Plate is not cracked and soundboard is in good shape, no cracks.

    Same style and finish as the instrument you are working on in the pictures.

    • John says:

      To replace the pin block and the treble bridge cap ( it might need it ), including new strings, pins, sounding board repairs, plate re-bronzing, new under stringing felts and down bearing re-setting would cost $5,000.00. It is probable that we would need to replace the hammers and do some key work along with complete regulating and voicing to make the action like new, costing another $5,000.00. The stack is not so easy to estimate as we might need to replace the pouches. Also, we would need to make sure every expression pneumatic is calibrated properly, the tracker bar is tracking right and that the player is functioning optimally. It is likely that the player work could cost between $2,500.00 and $5,000.00. We would include cleaning the hardware and French polishing the case. Although you offered to pick up and deliver we can get that done reasonably if necessary. Please feel free to call or e-mail any questions. Thanks,
      John Ford

  5. george says:

    tengo un steinway modelo O de 1923 cuanto me cuestaria recondisionarlo totalmente exterior, interior y la mecanica con los materiales de la mejor calidad?

    • Mike Ford says:

      Generalmente cuesta $5.000 (EEUU) por sección para reedificar un piano de cola. Hay tres secciones: la sección de cuerdas, la sección de acción y la sección de caso. El coste total es $15.000 (EEUU). Si debemos reemplazar la tabla que suena hay un coste adicional de $2.500 (EEUU). Si debemos reemplazar las zancas y los rebordes, las repeticiones y bujes clave que hay un coste adicional de $2.500 (EEUU). Siéntase libre contactarnos para más información.

  6. Tim Faul says:

    Hi Mr. Ford.
    Is this one available?
    1923 Knabe 5’8″ mahogany. I cant tell if it is an old posting on the website. Tim Faul

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