1923 Steinway “A” Grand Piano

This 1923 Steinway grand piano model “A” is undergoing complete rebuilding (with no refinishing). We have replaced the tuning pinblock but were able to keep the original sounding board. On the action we installed a set of new keytops, Steinway hammers / whippens / shanks, and will be completely regulating the piano.

Rebuilt Steinway Grand Piano "A"

New whippins, shanks & hammers

New Key Tops

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5 Responses to “1923 Steinway “A” Grand Piano”

  1. Noi Sukaviriya says:

    Hi John,
    When do you think you’ll be done with this piano?

  2. John says:

    Hi Noi,

    That piano is a customer’s piano, but we do have a Steinway “O” that we can have completed in a couple of months. Here is a similar piano.

    Rebuilt Steinway O

  3. Noi Sukaviriya says:

    Thanks John.

  4. Judy Hashemi says:

    Hi, How could I hear the sound of this piano before I decide to buy it?

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