Fischer Grand Piano #165506

Fischer was established in 1840 by two brothers, John and Charles Fischer in New York City. Fischer was formally R. & W. Nunns & Clark and then Nunns & Fischer around 1839. In 1896 the J.C. Fischer Co. celebrated the making of their 100,000th piano. They produced about 5,000 pianos annualy around the turn of the century.

In 1932 Fischer was taken over by the American Piano Company, then in 1985 the J. & C. Fisher name was purchased by Wurlitzer. In 2001 Gibson (who also owns Baldwin) purchased the name and manufactured some pianos with the “J. & C. Fisher” name.

This particular 5’1″ Fischer grand piano was manufactured in 1934, and is a solidly built instrument. Currently undergoing complete refinishing, the piano will look indistinguishable from new on the outside.

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2 Responses to “Fischer Grand Piano #165506”

  1. David Julienne says:

    What will be the price of the Fischer when restored? How reputable was this manufacturer?

    • John says:

      Fischer is an American manufacturer known for quality pianos. Right along with the top 5 – Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Baldwin and Chickering, there are a host of very solidly built American pianos such as Fischer, George Steck, Hardman and Weber. Unfortunately this particular piano is no longer available, but we do have other pianos in that range.

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